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Don and Suzy with the next generation Bunia, DRC

We make a conscious effort to minister to those in the body of Christ working with young people. We try to do this not at the exclusion of pastoral training, but in conjunction with them. Many times it is the children who are the most neglected.

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Africa is an enormous continent, with relatively poor road networks, making it for all practical purposes even larger.

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Dear Ron, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for your incredible contribution to the body of Christ in writing this book. I have used it over the..

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In rural Africa, you always eat what your host serve you with a grateful heart, knowing they have saved their very best for you.

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Suzy in DR Congo with a 100 year old eucalyptus planted by early missionaries.The seed of this tree is actually smaller than a mustard seed!

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The story of Sister Giovani and the chocolate bars. I was once stranded in South Sudan when my hosts were providentially hindered from meeting..

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