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Don and Suzy with the next generation Bunia, DRC

We make a conscious effort to minister to those in the body of Christ working with young people. We try to do this not at the exclusion of pastoral training, but in conjunction with them. Many times it is the children who are the most neglected.

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We have so much to be grateful for and yet many times fail to share our joy. Here is a brother in Christ in Africa who exhibits the joy of his..

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Celebrating our 40th Wedding Anniversary at Multnomah Falls. Suzy is my ministry partner, best friend and forever love of my life.

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Suzy, ministering to the Batwa (Pygmy) women in the jungles of Eastern DRC (Congo). As we celebrate Mother’s Day and count our many blessings,..

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What do you do when you are stuck in the mud in Congo? There are very limited options. There is no phone service to call AAA. There is no AAA..

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Fresh water clam shish-kabob, direct from lake Volta. They are tasty but Eat at your own peril, clams are filter feeders and these come from..

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