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Don and Suzy with the next generation Bunia, DRC

We make a conscious effort to minister to those in the body of Christ working with young people. We try to do this not at the exclusion of pastoral training, but in conjunction with them. Many times it is the children who are the most neglected.

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African “KILLER” honey bees can produce up to 100kg of honey per hive. We are averaging 3 gallons per hive on our Business as Missions farm..

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Water is life! During the annual four month drought our 60 million gallon water catchment reservoir provides provides water for rural communities.

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THE INVASION OF THE SNAKES! The recent dry season bush fires have caused a large number of snakes to flee to the area of the village. This has..

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If you look closely at the faces of these children it will melt your heart. Often when I look at a group of children like this , I can almost..

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Photos from Equipping Ministries International's post

People in Volta lakeside communities like ours, rely on surface water to meet their Dailey needs. As a result of using this contaminated water..

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