Our VISION is to help equip the body of Christ worldwide for the fulfillment of Christ’s great commission and His cultural mandate.

It is our goal to assist the local church in evangelism and discipleship in order to produce healthy church growth.  It is our belief that the local church is God’s instrument. EMI works to equip the local church to become self-supporting, self-governing and self-propagating

We have a particular burden to assist the persecuted Church and the struggling church in developing countries. It is our intention to work in a way that most glorifies Christ, without creating or encouraging dependencies or entitlement.

We seek to give the struggling Church a hand up, not a hand out. To that end, we seek to promote trust in Christ alone, believe that anything we do that causes the local Church to trust in our Ministry instead of Christ is ultimately destructive.

In short, it is our intention to work ourselves out of a job by equipping the local church to be everything that Christ commanded it to be. To this end, we seek to assist and equip the local Church for healthy growth so that we are no longer needed and can move on to other mission fields and repeat the process.

We believe that we can be most effective in developing local church leadership by ongoing discipleship and continued theological education for pastors and lay leaders. Also recognizing the need to reach the next generation for Christ, we emphasize training for youth and children’s workers. As we believe that many of the problems facing the developing church have a generational origin, it is therefore our intention to simultaneously equip the existing church leadership and the youth and children’s leaders, helping to ensure continuity in future church growth.

EMI Legal Statement of Purpose

To carry out the great commission which Jesus Christ gave to his church in Matthew 28, 18, 19, Mark 16, 15, Luke 24:46, 47, John 20:21, Act 1, 8 by evangelism, discipleship, planting churches, assisting missionaries, identifying and training pastors, providing resources for church planting and church growth, developing, translating, and distributing appropriate material to carry out the work, holding seminars, conferences, and clinics throughout the world and such ancillary works as may become available for service to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

It is the purpose of the corporation to carry out this purpose in such a manner as to allow the corporation to qualify under section 501(3) of the Internal Revenue Code such that contributions to the corporation will be tax deductible to the donor.

This vintage video was from our time with Dr. D. James Kennedy (circa 1999). It is a testimony to God’s grace and mercy in our lives. We hope you enjoy it!